IFS - Motomaxx Premium Finance Contract generator page

This page is for temporary use only untill such time as the contract generator is linked to Motomaxx 'My Auto Advantage' software

step 0. click on the [IFS Finance Contract] button below to enter contract generation
step 1. fill in insured information ( name, address, phone, email etc)
step 2. fill in policy information (term, policy#, expiry date, permium) {use policy 1 area only}
step 3. skip that
step 4. click [Generate Contract For Printing] button at bottom of page (contract will be produced in a PDF document.
setp 5. print the contract get the approate signatures

program will inform you of missing data
please do not change other data fields as that may result in unexpected results

Since this is a temporary connection expect the occasional oddity or failure